odd souls fall madly

Cyanotypes, Machine Learning
Collaboration with Ethan Sim, as the art collective TOWERS

In the forge where technological and theological artistry intermingle, one may locate a crucible in which an artifact for a long forgotten future germinates. At the hour before sunset the Craftsman, assisted by the Machine, extracts the new reliquary, sprawling and ready to vessel antiques of the new world.

“For centuries, the idea of the Gods has captivated us and ordered our lives. From Vedism in 1500 BC India to modern Christianity, faith has existed wherever people have built their civilizations. Where there was faith, there was also power — enacted through holy texts, symbolic objects, and the moralistic constructions of right and wrong. But who defines what is good and sacred, and what is heretical? And what could a future look like where these binaries no longer exist? Driven by these questions, odd souls fall madly explores the production of faith and deconstructs the tools that allow it to establish and maintain control.”
– Ankita Mukherji, Curator