The Scales
Digitally Altered Cyanotypes

The Scales explores the tangled relationship between order and chaos in the creation of peace. Presented as a series of digitally-altered cyanotypes, the work juxtaposes human craft and the machine as a reflection of entropy and control: two fundamental elements of peace and harmony.

Each print begins with 3-D forms generated from fractal equations, rendered to mimic uncanny recreations of natural formations in water, earth and plant matter. On the screen, they exist as simulated versions of the real world; a symbol of Man’s triumph over nature and God. As they are exposed in light and turned into cyanotypes, the images are dependent on the temperament of the sun, as well as the diligence (or lack thereof) of the artist. From pixel to paper, they are carefully handcrafted but intrinsically surrender to chaos. Much like this process, peace is a deliberate negotiation between calm and chaos; it is fickle, fleeting and oftentimes elusive. It is a continuous goal that is sometimes achieved by establishing a personal or communal repose, and other times marching fiercely through the streets in protest of war. The Scales examines this duality of peace and imagines the beauty that exists between its two sides.