Material Stories

Video & Exhibition Design

HUSH was invited to exhibit at the 6th edition of the Time, Space, Existence Exhibit by the European Cultural Centre in conjunction with the Venice Architecture Biennale. The ECC’s exhibition seeks, “To increase the spectator’s awareness of their own existence as a human being who is influenced by a specific culture in Time and Space.”

Material Stories provokes audiences to think more critically about the materials that are used in our built environments, and inspire them with a unique take on the intersection of sustainability and creativity. Instead of seeing designing with sustainable materials as a constraint, demonstrate a bold, new formal aesthetic by integrating sustainability data directly into our design process.

(Writeup C/O HUSH Studios)
Role: Design, Prototyping, Exhibition Production

How can the embodied carbon value of a material dictate its formal design?

HUSH built a generative tool to visualize embodied carbon within totemic forms: the more embodied carbon a material has, the more is removed from its form. Each material was ascribed a different behavior of reduction, reminiscent of each material’s idiosyncratic methods of procurement and production.

What’s Next?

As part of envisioning how the system could be used and read in everyday objects, I made a few studies to show the possibilities of translating the forms across different scales and functionalities.

Credit: Photo by Federico Vespignani Credit: Photo by Federico Vespignani

Material Stories was also shown in the Brooklyn Navy Yards as part of a group show ‘Art as Info’ held in May 2023, where I was a panelist alongside Andrew Brown (Van Alen Institute), Sarah Kay Miller, Can Sucuoglu (Numina Labs) and Caitlyn Ralph (The Pudding), discussing the use of design in data visualization.

Credit: Photos by 10XBeta

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