GIBCOInteractive Experience
Art Direction, programming, web design
Featured in "The Art of Cells" Online Exhibition

In 2021, Gibco (subsidiary of Thermo Fischer Scientific) paired a selection of scientists with artists from across the globe for produce works for an art exhibition titled "The Art of Cells", that celebrates the power, potential and physical beauty of cells.

Karlssonwilker was paired with Dr. Leonardo M. R. Ferreira, Ph.D., the Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at at the Medical University of South Carolina and the Hollings Cancer Center. We wrote and created an interactive series of immersive scenes on a cellular scale, inviting everyone to follow the T-cell on a day’s work in the body’s immune system.

Role: Coding, UI design, Environment lighting & Implementation
Credits: 3D Modeling & Animations by Connor Muething (karlssonwilker), Art Direction & Music by Jan Wilker (karlssonwilker)

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