Flothetta Future Edition

Surface Pattern Design

“The future is ever flowing and evolving. We are open to explore and experience new dimensions through our inner world. The healing world of Flothetta takes us on a journey of weightless water bliss.” 

Flothetta is a story of a design project that has given birth to nourishing water wellness culture. The Flothetta Cap and accessories were made to support independent floating in any water as a way to relax, reduce muscle and skeleton stress, letting go of emotional and mental stress and improve overall body-spirit connection.

I had the privilege of designing a pattern for the Flothetta Future Edition, a floating swim cap by Flothetta. The m oiré patterns echo the ripples as one floats on the surface of water - signs of a body becoming resonant and harmonious with nature.

Role: Design
Art Direction: Hjalti Karlsson

Credit: Photo by Flothetta and  Jenný Mikaelsdóttir

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